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Award-winning director/cinematographer Michael Underwood has been an international player in television, film, and photography for more than four decades. Celebrated for his striking visual compositions, he has built his reputation upon a unique artistry and aesthetic sense that reflect his expertise in a variety of media. The widely ranging styles in his body of work bear one defining hallmark: an ability to uncover a fresh and timeless vision for each new project he undertakes.     

Inside Michael’s images, history and wonder intertwine with bits of his own life, one which has uniquely prepared him for art. The son of a US Army Cold War tactician and a native Nuremberger, he grew up in Germany, attending international schools and speaking German and English. His childhood was filled with travel and possibility through ancient and evocative landscapes, inspiring and beautiful. Throughout his career, he has traveled even more extensively, accompanied always by his camera and an uncanny ability to spot the infinite in the most unexpected places.

Now, with shrewdly focused placement and painterly lighting, Michael brings his rich motion picture background and trained cinematographer’s eye to the world of fine art. Richly nuanced, complex, and profound, his highly conceptual archival pigment prints, created in his studios in the US and Europe, transcend the bounds of expectation, simultaneously perplexing and pleasing viewers eager for the freshness of new wonders.

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