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This is amazing!!! Beautiful work Michael…

Joanna Gains HGTV Host FixerUpper/Magnolia Network


Wowzer!!! These are LOVELY!!!!!! I just looked at them all for a third time…love, love, love!!!!

Sue Pendleton


… I love your work!

Laura Cartwright Revolving Collections Gallery Chicago


The art is AMAZING!!! Great stuff!

Sabrina Soto Host HGTV


Those are incredible!!!

JR Grassby Film Art Director Toronto


…your work is so unique .. i love the lighting you bring to the subject matter and the enhancement it gives color within…

Hank Peek


…gagging, these [images] are so stunning!

Genevieve Gorder Designer Host HGTV

My favorite photographer of all time. …
Your work with me totally makes the open!! Looks awesome.

John DeSilvia Host DIY Network


Wow – your work is incredible. What a talent.
We’re better people from having met you, seriously.

Jason Benham Benham Companies

wow!!!!! I love it!!!!!
Ride the wave Michael.
You are soooooooooo good with that “Photography thing…”
mean it.
Your art is inspiration and magnificient.
Truley “Love your work.”

Big Fan

Margaret Knight


Once again, fabulous work, Michael! Love what you do with image and light and focus. Spectacular.

Wade Dainelson First AD


These shots are blowing me away!
A true artist!…damn I love your style. So unique and rich.

Josuah Temple Host Scripps Networks Home Category


Whoa. I just saw your Rainy Day People series and about fell out of my chair. Just sublime and beautiful and surreal and real. I am so impressed.

Danny Tepper VP Program Director HGTV/DIY


Love these fantastic fantasy filled fotos!!!!

Ron Anderson Colorist Colorama


You are a genius with that camera!

CT Grundy Host ScrippsNetworks


das ist ja echt der Hammer das sind SUPER BILDER die gefallen mir super gut.

Franz Pecho


Wow…you are simply AMAZING mi amico/my friend. Some people have great talent… and then there are those rare few who are… truly… gifted. Saluté, to the truly gifted! Ciao!

Susan Hill


Your work in Paris, is striking.
I felt I needed a towel to dry off and then a pint.
Great work!

Smilin’ Phillip Tuck – First Assistant Director


I have to tell you–I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY by your artwork.

I am a bit of an art snob, for no really good reason, really, except I immersed myself in studying it for several years when I was in college, both at Berkeley and here in Los Angeles. And I run across many people who say they are ‘artists’ and always think to myself, ‘yeah another one’. So much of what I see today is nothing special.

But, that is not the case here. Atmosphere, flying elephants, and an international man of mystery–all I can say is ‘Bravo’.

Susie Karasic Desiger/Artist


Awesome… You are SO talented. Love, love, love your work!!

Karen Sims | Executive Assistant To Scripps Executive Mark Hale


The Croatia work is breathtaking… [it] reminds me of this style I adore.

Genevieve Gorder Host HGTV


your work… is absolutely beautiful.


You captured the spirit of Westwood perfectly…

Kim Trent Director Of Knox Heritage


You are so incredibly talented… You have such great energy and are so positive…

Chef Joseph Dobias And Jill Schulster Of Jo Doe In NY


We are overwhelmed…

Mary K. Davis Opera Guild


awe-struck……they are poetic……very impressed…

Santos Lopez Creative


I love the Paris work… You’re such a talent..

Alison Victoria Host DIY Network


Love the prints… you are one talented man!



I knew you did great video work. Knew you did incredible photography work. Now I know you do awesome art as well

Matthew Vetzner Account Manager


Love, love love your work.

Hilary Farr Host HGTV Network


First of all—those photos! We all fainted…Sheer magic. Your style is so exquisitely, dreamily lyrical… over the moon!

Bronson Pinchot Host DIY Network


beautiful, almost haunting imagery

Susan Bennett Lopez Artist

Your work…Looks awesome.

John DeSilivia Host DIY Network


…nothing short of stunning! Am “awed” by your beautiful work…absolutely mesmerizing!

Alice Crook


…awesome – really interesting and quirky in a totally fun way…

Judith Kinzy Physician


love the new work!

Alex Alexander Producer


…love your style… excellent, as expected…gut wrenching talent. I love your work and you.…

Charles Ison


Wonderful and moving. I love where you’re going!

Wade Austin Designer


Each new piece is awesome.…amazing accomplishment… a true talent

Eric Thompson Fire Chief Red Oak Texas


…artistic perfection…

Jenny Hines CPA


Your art looks amazing…

R. Arthur Jenkins Attorney


Completely incredible. I just love it.

Beth MacDonald Location Manager


…glorious works

Pat Sawyer Teacher


Amazing work, Michael!

Lee Minard Executive Producer


Beautiful work, brother! You are one very talented man!

Mark Hickman President North South Productions


– you got a ‘wow’!



Stunning! like you!…you’re my favorite..

Margaret Knight First Assistant Director


The verdict is – I really like these pictures. They carry you away, like reading a good children’s book on hallucinogens……each one made me smile. Spirit lifted. Thank you. I think you’ll be famous someday.

Maria Hall Teacher


I was overwhelmed by your ability to create both an overall astonishing image with minute details.

Mary K. Davis Opera Guild


Too cool!  ;  what a success!

Christy Solly Williams Physical Thearapist

Quite impressive…a big fan…

Cate Van Dalen


Michael’s imaginative eye draws us into a series of phantasmagoric vistas…
…surrealist beauty that transports the viewer to a realm where reality and fantasy commingle…

Robert Hempfeld Psychologist


Amazing! I’m very proud to display it in my home!

Susan Aston RN



Amy Williams Actor


Fascinating…so extraordinary…

Susan Hill Operations Manager


Absolutely over the top Michael! I love it!

Gay Lynn Morgan


Always impressive,

David Lee Felter Producer


…completely fantastic, excellent, amazing, unbelievable, they are…..WOW!

Robert G. Case Producer/Editor, D.P. Etc.


…in love with this series. So impressed with your work! We love all of them.

Sara Hedstrom Architectural Landscape Designer


Rainy Day People is transcendent…

Channing Dawson Scripps Networks


Lovely, delicate rendering of Paris, the sumptuous city we live in.

Nancy Vermes Paris Artist


If the finished product is anything like these attached pics, then success will be considered an ugly bastard child, when compared to what you’ve done…a complete delight.

Chuck Nice Comedian/ HGTV Host


your website… is absolutely beautiful… your ‘Rainy Day People’ is exquisite… so Bravo!

Brigitte Perreault Art Dealer LA


Everyone has LOVED [the art works] …looks AWESOME!!

Alice Smith Director Of Special Events The Episcopal School Of Knoxville

Michael, These words touch my heart just as some of your pieces do. Poetic?! Beautiful!! No doubt!!! Thank you for helping us blink our eyes to see a new perspective.

Anita Price Owner Oddfellows Gallery

Your art always lifts my spirits... Your work is stunning. 

Phyllis Johnson

Oh my goodness!  Michael, these are incredible—we can’t thank you enough! Also, the image of the front of the museum is incredible!

GeorgeBassi/ Director Lauren Rogers Museum of Art 

You have an artist’s eye for capturing joy.  

Lynda Laurendine/ Napier Frames

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